Home, Moscow countryside

A home where time stopped


This home will be demolished soon and on its place something new and different will be built. Its owner Tatiana will have to move. While there is still time left we have an opportunity to visit it and have a look at a home where time stopped. Let’s have tea with an apple pie (the recipe will follow), talk and wait for the cat to come from the garden.

Photography – Marina Burmakina












What is a home?

The home is the whole life.

For how long have you been living here?

For more than 47 years. I moved here when I got married to my husband. We’ve never been away for too long, only for short holidays.

How old is your home?

It is more than one hundred years.

How did it change with time?

The room layout did not change much. As for things, some old things wore out and were replaced with new, but the main pieces of furniture and interior have been here as long as I remember. For example, the table and the chairs in the dining room are from my husband’s grandmother. She received them as a present when she got married in 1912.

Do you have any family traditions which belong to this home and which you still keep?

Yes, I do. For example, to bake Severomorsk’s fish pie for big family celebrations.

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