A Moscow home created by intuition

Olay Zaretskikh home atmosphere














Today we are vising a cozy and thoughtful home of an interior designer and the chief editor of “Decorator” magazine. Olya Zaretskikh and her husband live in a quiet and beautiful part of central Moscow. You would think that there was a grand design behind their apartment. You would expect that every detail was carefully planned. And you will be surprised to find out that it is different. This unique Moscow home was rather created by intuition than a rational approach.

Olya Zaretskikh home atmosphere


























What is a home?

It is a cozy atmosphere and  my family.

What was your inspiration while creating your home?

It is difficult to say. Probably it is the space itself. When we were looking for a flat to buy, we had a look at this one and at that moment I decided on the future layout. The color of the bedroom was chosen because I loved the wallpaper. The inspiration for the kitchen interior came from the color of the wall. I liked “duck egg” and wanted to try it in my interior. I decided to keep the living room white because it leaves the space for changes. I’ve never had a big idea behind the look of our home. One thing attracted another and so on. I think my home was providing me with ideas and I just followed them.

Do you have the favorite part of the house?

Yes, I do. I love two corners. One is by the chair in the living room and another one is a dining area at our kitchen.

What is  your home missing and what are you dreaming to have?

I miss not having a bath tub and I want to find a painting for our living room.

Do you still have some décor ideas in progress?

Yes, I do. I am planning to put the posters on the kitchen walls. I really like this old soviet advertising of ice cream with a penguin. I think it will fit out kitchen perfectly.

Do you have anything what you are trying to escape and gain in your home interior?

I like when things have a second life and I don’t like to keep things which are not in use.

Could you please tell the story of this beautiful antique sewing machine and the old oil lamp which you keep on the shelves?

The sewing machine belonged to my grandparents. Many years ago my grandfather bought it at a flea market and he sowed leather sleepers for himself. And the lamp came from the house of my husband’s grandparents in the country side. These things remind us of our close family.

With what smell do you associate your home with?

 Several years ago during one of our travels I bought this home fragrance and since that time I associate Corail  from  Fragonard with my home.

 And what about sound or music?

I think its jazz. I like to turn on jazz music, pour myself a glass of wine and start cooking. It is one of my favorite ways to spend my time.

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