A home from a fairytale


I always wanted to tell a story of a home from a fairy tale. In my imagination, it’s located in a small sunny village where everyone knows each other. The air smells like fresh bread, flowers and wind. The walls of the house have a beautiful unique color and the floor makes you want to walk with your bare feet.  There is also a winter garden to have a breakfast, a fireplace and many many books. At the garden roses blossom and olive tree grows and the gardener turns out to be a baker as well. The host of this dreamy home is a fairy who gives her treasures a second life, keeps their secrets, shares with guests’ stories and recipes of delicious cakes as well as secrets of simple happiness. It turns out that the home from a fairytale exists not only in my imagination.Welcome to Provence, to a magical home of Svetlana Karner.














What is a home?

It is light, warmth and coziness. It is small everyday rituals, memories and traditions. It is a place, which inspires and energizes. A place where I want to return and to invite people over.

What was your inspiration while creating your home?

Everything inspires me: my numerous traveling, flea markets, TV programs, magazines, friends and creative people.

What is your favorite part of the house?

My favorite place is a winter garden but it also depends on the season.

 Could you please tell us about your favorite things at home?

 I adore hunting for treasures at flea markets. My home is a museum of old things and knickknacks and every piece has a story and keeps a secret. The Second World War typewriter, vintage bird cage where I put roses from my garden or seasonal fruits, English china, lace table wear, handmade dolls and books. Many books! And among them are books with fairy tales for sure.

What is your home missing and what are you dreaming to have?

My lifelong dream is to buy an old piano and put it by the fire place. I also dream to have a hammock under our olive tree to rest during summer days, read books and drink ginger lemonade.

Does your home change from season to season?

At home with a garden, seasons are very noticeable. The light changes – sometime it is warm, sometimes cold, sometimes bright or dim.  Together with a light the mood changes. Depending on the season, there are several favorite places at my home. During summer when it gets hot, I prefer to close window shutters and spend time at my bedroom where I have my desk and big cupboard with books. During winter, I love sofa by the fireplace and during spring and autumn I prefer winter garden.

What do you do first when you come home?

Turn on the music and make tea.

With what smell do you associate your home with?

 The smell of lavender, I have small bouquets in the kitchen and in my cupboards. Also the smell of freshly ground coffee and warm apple pie with vanilla. (Please check the next post for the recipe)

And what about sound?

 I love to be woken up by the neighbor’s roosters and I enjoy hearing church bells on Sunday. I love to hear the laughter of children playing on the street, cicadas singing during summer and wood crackling in the fireplace during winter.

All photograpy – Ingwervanille, Svetlna Karner

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