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For me it is difficult to find a person who loves his or her home as Marina does. She thinks that her home is ordinary but I love to looks at her pictures and listen to her stories. Welcome to Moscow home of a dreamer who can make her wishes come true.






















 What is a home?

Home is a place of power. I am so happy at home. Home is a special light. I love morning light from the window and warm light from the lamp in the evenings. I love having guests. It makes me comfortable. I love to stay at home alone to work, to read or to cook. I love when my husband comes home and our home fills with the energy of us both. I cannot imagine our home without flowers and I buy them all the time. I have only one plant in a pot. It can live without water for weeks. It was moving with me from one rented flat to anther and finally we found our home here. It blossom once a year.

My home is my inspiration and my love!

What was your inspiration while creating your home?

I saw my future home in my imagination even when I was still renting a flat. I saw many small details. For example this vase with flowers on the windowsill.

Finally, when I was able to get my own flat, it did not look like the one from my imagination.

It was tiny; less than 40 square meters and it was a disaster. I was standing at my new flat and I was crying. I was exhausted after such a long way to my own home.

I decided to take everything away and start from scratch. I built new walls, celling and floor. And after that this place started to feel like my home.

What is your favorite part of the house?

I think it is my desk. I can seat at my comfortable armchair and work for hours and hours. It feels like a cocoon – cozy, warm and comfortable.

Also I love our sofa with a throw blanket, my husband nearby and a good movie on.

And of course I love my balcony with roses during summer.

Do you have favorite things at home?

It is difficult to say. I cannot live without books and candles. I have bookshelves even in my bathroom and I buy candles all the time.

What is your home missing and what are you dreaming to have?

I am dreaming about my new home! I am dreaming about a house with a garden, a terrace with a round table covered with a lace tablecloth and an exclusive bone china set. I can see everything in small details. For example, one of the room will have the walls of blackberry color, just like in Tretyakov gallery in Moscow. My future flat will be light, spacious and will be located in the center of Moscow. May be my new house and my new flat will appear at the same time. I am dreaming and dreaming. Sounds strange but without dreaming I would not get my current home.

Does your home change from season to season?

Yes, it does. It depends on the light coming from the window. This light depends on the season.

I remember that my grandmother changed curtains at her home depending on the season. During summer, there were light white lace curtains and during winter – heavy velvet curtains of deep pomegranate color. I think my grandmother influenced me a lot. She passed away when I was seven but I still remember her home, her pancakes, pastry that we baked together on the weekend morning. And when everything was ready we were inviting the rest of the family to have breakfast.

.What do you do first when you come home?

It may sound strange but I always take off my jewelry as soon as I am home.

With what smell do you associate your home with?

 It is a smell of fresh bedding, fresh coffee, pastry and garlic.

And what about sound?


Photography – cashmere touch, Marina Burmakina

Marina’s portrey – by Anna Veretennikiva

Marina’s blog is here 

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