A home created by hands

Everything in this Moscow home was created by hands of its owners. They respect nature and tried to use only natural materials. This home is definitely made with love and care but its owners do not mind leaving it one day if they decide to move somewhere else. Today Anastasia shares the story of her cosy home in Moscow.


“We wanted to rent an empty flat in order to make it our home. Everything is made by hands and we spent minimum. We don’t have cupboards , only shelfs with curtains. We use boxes from tomatos as book shelves. We made our bed from pallets and I sewn pillows and other textiles pieces myself. We can easily leave it all  if one day we decide to move somewhere else.”


“We brought these handmade carpets from Greek island Zakynthos. It is a special place for our family. I love to have a tiny piece of this island in our home.”


“All plants in our home are alive. We never buy bouquets as I can not look at dying flowers.”



“Katya is a talented illustrator with whom I’ve never met in real life. She sent me this dream catcher with origami birds. @katya_maleev is her account in Instagram.”




“This little chest of drawers is for my teas. I love to mix different herbs to create new flavors. ”

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“When I was five, I found “The Little Prince” under the cupboard. I did not understand it much that time but I knew that it was about something important. Later I started to collect books “The Little Prince”. I have copies in many languages. But I am not collecting anymore and actually I am thinking about selling the collection.”


“I live with my husband who is a musician and DJ and a person with the biggest heart, as his little son calls him. He also stays with us several times a week.”



“Who knows, maybe one day I will move to Greece. I will buy a goat, plant an olive tree and will watch sunset instead of movies.”

What was your inspiration while creating your home?      

I am always inspired by nature. That is why our home is full of branches, dried leaves, and stones. All fabrics at our home is natural, carpets are handmade and we love to sleep on wood.

Could you please describe your home in three words?

Silence, impromptness, and  shanti ( it is a word from Sanskrit) Means peace, rest, calmness, tranquility, it is all about our home.

Do you have a favorite place at home?

No, I am comfortable everywhere in our home.

What do you do first when you come home?

Wash my hands and make tea.

With what smell do you associate your home with?

Our home smells like incense.

And what about sounds?

Silence is the best music to me as well as never ending rain.

Photography – Anastasia