The corners of a peaceful home in Bern

Laura speaks five languages and it is difficult for her to say which one is her native tongue. Her family combines several European cultures and she lives between Switzerland, where she works as an interior designer, the UK and Greece. Sometime ago, we met at Central Saint Martins in London and since that time I was wondering how so many cultural ingredients can live together in one person. Today Laura kindly shares with us some corners of her home. The rest will stay a secret, as the home is also a state of mind and not only a physical space.

drawing from ueli berger

“A drawing from Ueli Berger”





“The glass jars are an on-going collection. The two on the left are
filled with shells I collect in Greece. The third is filled with sand
from the Sahara from a trip 20 years ago! and some more sand from the
desert Wadi Rum in Jordan in 2009. Above the sand I have some dried
pomegranates, in Greece it’s a sign for fertility and mostly it should
bring good look in a new home. The fourth is filled with naturally
coloured stones from Petra, Jordan. And the one on the very right is
my favourite; it’s filled with shells my husband Adrian dives for me every summer
in Greece.”





my granmothers sowing drawer

“My granmothers sewing drawer”

my husbands lps

“My husbands lps”

old cupboard from my great great grandparents, backgammons

“An old cupboard from my great great grandparents, backgammons”

What is a home?

Home is a place or a state of mind where you can be fully at ease. I am still dreaming of a long lasting physical home.

What was your inspiration while creating your home? 

It always depends on the existing space, the inputs I get, about shape, size, light and materials. What do I like to underline or what to improve.

Do you have a particular thing you like the most?

I try to focus less on single objects, but how they make me and others
feel all together in the existing space.

Is your home missing any piece of furniture, artwork which you are
dreaming to have one day?

It’s not lacking things, but it would be nice one day to have room for
children, guests and an art studio, outdoor space and a bathtub.

Does your home change from season to season?

No, but as a child I used to change my room almost every week.

Do you have the favourite part of the house?

My bedroom. I love the light, the view on a tree, the size and shape,
the materials and colours, I feel really comfortable.

What do you do first when you come home?

I take off my shoes and open all windows. I love the smell of fresh
air. I really enjoy the feeling of an open window home in the warmer
seasons and feeling the movement and exchange of the warm and cold air
in cooler seasons.

With what smell or what recipe do you associate your home with?

With different smells, depending on the location where home is at the
moment. But wherever I move into, I seem to have a need to appropriate
the place by using aroma diffusers or other room scents.
I don’t associate home, as much with recipes or food even though I
love to cook. I associate different foods more with different phases
in my life rather than spaces.

And what about sound?

When I am in Greece, where my heart is at home, the sound of wind,
waves and doves makes me instantly feel at home. Where I am at the
moment, it’s the sound of rain dropping on the roof and windows and
the creaking sound of the wonderful old wooden floor and doors.

Photography – Laura Gonthier

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