A light home in Madrid filled with air and calmness

1eng Cecilia, her husband, little daughter Manuela and their favorite dog Ringo live in Madrid. Cecilia was born in beautiful El Puerto de Santa María in Andalucía but for the last several years she has been living in Madrid. It seems to me that Cecilia’s heritage and place of birth influenced the way her home looks and feels. Her home in a big city is connected with a nature.  This spacious and light home fills guests with calmness and provokes their imagination.

















What is a home?

It may sound like a cliché, but I think our home is everywhere me and my family are.  We had three different homes since we got married five years ago. Curious and very lively character of our family influenced the decor of our home. It is interesting that it fills our guests with calmness.

What is your inspiration while creating your home?

I am inspired by so many decorating styles: rustic, Nordic, vintage, industrial, classical, and even oriental. The decor of our home is very eclectic, it is like the way I dress or my musical preferences.

Do you have the favorite part of the house?

Yes, it is a living room/dining room. It is the area of the house where we spend most of our time, and it is also the brightest.

What do you do first when you come home?

I leave the purse and the keys on the table in the hall way and then I open the doors of the living room to let the life in.

With what smell or what recipe do you associate your home with? 

It is the smell of redondo de ternera al vino which my husband cooks. (Redondo de ternera – a Spanish veal dish cooked with red vine)

And what about sound?

For the last year, the sound that defines my home is Peppa pig’s song. But when Manuela is sleeping, we like to listen to very different music. However, our favourite song is Turn Your Lights Down Low, Lauryn Hill feat Bob Marley.

Photography – Cecilia Rendon 

New project of Cecilia – Only Oliv 

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