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A romantic Parisian home in the attic


Today Dasha who is an architect, a painter and an aspiring tango dancer invites us to her home. If you don’t mind taking the stairs to the seventh flour, then you will be rewarded with an incredible view of Paris and a meeting with an extraordinary person. Once Dasha fell in love the view from the window, she turned fifteen square meters into her romantic and challenging home. It is a home where many of  Dasha’s interests find space and it feels like a good movie will start in a minute.



“The Cyrillic letter “Ж” means Paris for me as in Russian there is” Ж” at the end of the word Paris.”


“Paint, brushes, pencils, shoes for tango, dresses..”

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“…and a lace napkin knitted by my mom.”


“I very much love flowers and save bouquets, which remind me of special moments.”




“…and rain on the roof.”


“…my neighbors play football on the nearest roof to me.”

1“There is a church infront of my home, it is surrounded by feefteen blossoming trees and pegions. And you can see my door far away.”

What is a home?

Home is a place where you want to come back after a working day, a faraway trip or a long walk.

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I grew up in the suburbs of Moscow, studied in the south of France and I am currently living and working in Paris.

What is your inspiration while creating your home?

To tell the truth I did not have the opportunity to choose much while looking for a flat. Studio flats are very popular in Paris and they don’t stay for long on the market. When I first saw my flat, I immediately fell in love with its view from the window. Parisians think that I am crazy – who needs a view to the Eifel Tower if it is on the seventh floor and there is no lift.  Fifteen square meters does not provide you with much of inspiration but I think I managed to create a very personal place. Paint, brushes, pencils, feathers, shoes for tango, dresses, crystal glasses inherited from my grandmother and a lace napkin knitted by my mom. I probably used the most famous way for decorating a rented flat. I used a  slate board on which I drew a Corinthian capital. I did it by memory as I was taught during  my sophomore year at my university. The Cyrillic letter “Ж” means Paris for me as in Russian there is” Ж” at the end of the word Paris. I think it is the most interesting and authentic letter of Russian Cyrillic alphabet.

Do you have the favorite part of the house?

My favorite place is my window with a view of Paris. I always run to it the first thing in the morning and I do the same every time I return home. I can see the most beautiful dawns and sunsets from my window as well as the rain, rainbows, seagulls, rooks and pigeons. I can see my neighbors’ daily life, their windows filled with warm light in the evening. In the spring, Parisians have lunch on the roof of their homes and my neighbors play football on the roof next to me.

With what smell or what recipe do you associate your home with? 

The smell of coffee. I managed to find the smallest coffee machine to fit my tiny apartment. It was one of my greatest acquisitions! Also it is the smell of rosemary and mint as I like to cook with both of these herbs.

And what about sound?

Meowing of the neighbor’s kittens behind their door, seagulls squawking, the rustle of pigeons’ feathers, birds singing and rain on the roof. In addition, it is a sound of Argentinian tango from 30s-40s, the swishing of pencils on paper and bustling of mice abova the celling.

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