Kaluzhskaya region

A home by the Oka River

Today we are visiting a bright colored and hospitable home of two talented Russian artists Sasha and Misha. They live in a countryside and like to share pictures of their everyday life: beautiful Russian landscapes, works in progress, cozy corners of their home and delicious homemade meals.  I think their photos can tell much more than any words. Enjoy!













What is a home?

Home is a balance between coziness and comfort. For the last 7 years, we changed 5 homes and every time we created a cozy home for our family. For now, I have two homes: one is a flat in Saint Petersburg, another one is a house by the Oka River where we live from spring until autumn.

Could you please describe your home in three words?

Soul. Creativity.  Freedom.

Do you have a favorite place at home?

My favorite place is my studio, which is surrounded by windows from three sides. Two of them overlook our garden and the third – a small lane with lime trees and spruces.

What do you do first when you come home?

I always come to our garden. Home for me is also our garden and space nearby.

Is there anything, which your home is missing?

This question made me think. May be it is missing some things material and some stuff should be finished and organized. For example, it would be nice to have a large wooden bed. However, it is all material things. I think emotionally our home is full filled.

With what smell do you associate your home with?

The smell of mint. We have plenty of mint growing in the garden and I love to make mint tea.

And what about sounds?

Birds singing and silence reminds me of my home. I like working in the garden and listening to the nature. When I am home and work on my designs, I prefer silence.  I can concentrate better this way. Although quite often there is music in our home as my husband loves it.

Sasha’s webpage.

Photography – Sasha Panfilova

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