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Tea at duke’s mansion

Santo Mauro hotel garden

The heart of the Madrid district with a beautifully sounding name ‘Chamberi’ is full of local treasures and today I will share one of them. At the end of the last century, noble madrileños we choosing this area for their residences and the duke of Santo Mauro was not an exception.  A great socialite of his time, as well as an influential politician, he commissioned his mansion to architect Louis Legrand who put a French accent on the building. Our days the property still belongs to the family and currently is being rented to the hotel chain which give us the opportunity to visit.

Santo Mauro facade

The residence consists of three buildings and a magnificent garden which is my favorite part of Santo Mauro Hotel.

Santo Mauro garden

Santo Mauro hotel garden

Santo Mauro garden

Dule's salon

Santo Mauro vegetable garden

The part of the estate where household service was based.   Now in front of the building there is a small vegetable garden with tomatoes and herbs which provoke the appetite.

the Chinese Room Santo Mauro

While most of the interiors were changed, the place did not lose its charm.

La Biblioteca restaurant

The duke’s library is one of the two rooms which keep the original decor.  Now there is a small elegant restaurant called “La Biblioteca”.

The Red Room Santo Mauro

An impressive interior of salons is a splendid place for having a breakfast or tea when you feel like doing something special.

Which one would you prefer?

The Red room Santo Mauro

The Red salon decorated in French style?

The Chinese Room Santo Mauro

Or the Chinese salon with a fascinating collection of oriental pieces?

breakfast at Santo Mauro

The fact that we don’t know much about the home life of the previous hosts leaves us the opportunity to imagine what it could be. This grand mansion was not a family home for many years but it still has a very warm and cozy atmosphere.  As my friend who invited me there once said – “Being here feels like home”.  And I fully agree with that.

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