Anna Pisareva


A home for easy living

Today I would like to tell you about a beautiful and a very inspirational home in Provence, France.  Its owner, Marina, once came to the region while traveling and fell in love with the area. Later she created here a home which is due to the circumstances is away from her roots, most of her  ...

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Visiting a beautiful home in Madrid

Since the day my family moved to Madrid, I always wanted to learn more about the traditional Spanish home. Every time when I was passing by a picturesque entrance in central Madrid, I was dreaming to visit one of the homes inside. Believe it or not but one day my wish came true. My friend Anna  ...

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Kaluzhskaya region

A home by the Oka River

Today we are visiting a bright colored and hospitable home of two talented Russian artists Sasha and Misha. They live in a countryside and like to share pictures of their everyday life: beautiful Russian landscapes, works in progress, cozy corners of their home and delicious homemade meals.  I  ...

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