Anna Pisareva

Kaluzhskaya region

A home by the Oka River

Today we are visiting a bright colored and hospitable home of two talented Russian artists Sasha and Misha. They live in a countryside and like to share pictures of their everyday life: beautiful Russian landscapes, works in progress, cozy corners of their home and delicious homemade meals.  I  ...

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A little green paradise in England

Today, I would like to share with you a very English story. As many of you may know home and garden play an important role in the lives of English people. They treat both places with a special love and care. Ceramist Katie, her partner Simon and their sons Max and Freddi live in a Victorian  ...

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Home, Paris

A romantic Parisian home in the attic

Today Dasha who is an architect, a painter and an aspiring tango dancer invites us to her home. If you don’t mind taking the stairs to the seventh flour, then you will be rewarded with an incredible view of Paris and a meeting with an extraordinary person. Once Dasha fell in love the view from  ...

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