Anna Pisareva


A little home oasis in Atlanta

 Julia Cassidy is an architect and a traveler by heart. It is hard for her to stay in one place for a long period of time. She is still in a search of her “Home”.  However, in every place she manages to create her little oasis, bring a piece of her own identity to it in spite of the  ...

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Home, Moscow

A home of a dreamer

For me it is difficult to find a person who loves his or her home as Marina does. She thinks that her home is ordinary but I love to looks at her pictures and listen to her stories. Welcome to Moscow home of a dreamer who can make her wishes come true.  What is a home? Home is a place of power.  ...

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A home from a fairytale

I always wanted to tell a story of a home from a fairy tale. In my imagination, it’s located in a small sunny village where everyone knows each other. The air smells like fresh bread, flowers and wind. The walls of the house have a beautiful unique color and the floor makes you want to walk  ...

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East Sussex, recipes, Spiced brownies

Spiced brownies

Coffee with Jeska on this autumn day always comes with spiced brownies which make any home cozier. Would you like a bite? “Coffee being ground and a big batch of brownies baking. A coffee made from scratch every morning is a ritual in our home and I love to whip up a batch of spiced  ...

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